Curbside Recycling Collection

It is very important that you follow the provided guidelines on what is acceptable for recycling and what is not acceptable for recycling.  If you need a copy of the guidelines they are available at the Water Department located at 115 N. Poplar Street, Aberdeen

The Recycle Center that will be accepting the Town recycle materials is very strict about recycle materials being contaminated with those items listed under “Items NOT acceptable for Recycling”.  Our employees will be doing visual checks .  It is possible that your container may be rejected if contamination of the recyclable materials is determined. 

By keeping your recycle container free from contamination, your efforts will not be wasted.  If there is contamination in the truck load being delivered to the recycle center, it will be reverted to the landfill for unloading.  Ultimately, contamination of recycle materials will cost the Town of Aberdeen money.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and willingness to do your part to make our recycling program successful and save the Town money!

To view the 2018 Collection Schedule and Make-Up Schedule, click here.

Below is a complete list of curbside acceptable and non-acceptable recyclable materials.

We would appreciate you sharing this information with your neighbors and friends so that this information can be communicated throughout the Aberdeen community.

Acceptable for Non-Sorting Recycling

(cannot be put into bags)

  Non-Acceptable for recycling

*Plastics numbered 1 through 7 including black plastic, soft drink bottles, water bottles, and plastic milk jugs

*Glass of any color: brown, green, clear, blue etc., whole or broken

*Aluminum cans (drink cans)

*Tin or metal cans (food cans rinsed out)

*Un-waxed chipboard cardboard like cereal or cracker boxes, whole or flattened, pizza boxes

*Newspaper including advertising inserts

*Magazines, catalogues, pamphlets, brochures, annual reports etc., whether shiny or not

*Telephone books

*Office paper, stationary, post-it notes, of any color

*Shredded paper (only item that is accepted in bags)

*Junk mail and advertisements


*Posters, greeting cards, art paper

*Cash register, adding machine, fax, and computer paper

*Aluminum foil


*Tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, paper napkins

*Biological material or items contaminated with biological material or food

*Food, food wrapping and food contaminated packaging and meat trays

*Styrofoam in any form such as packing peanuts, meat trays, etc.

*Plastic coated report covers, notebooks, and spiral bound items

*Paint cans unless the paint is completely dried up

*Ink cartridges


*Photographic paper or film including negatives, x-rays, MRI films etc.

*Hanging files

*Rubber items including rubber bands

*Clothing, rags, cloth items

*Appliances, furniture, wood or wooden items

*Plastic items not marked with a recycle logo (triangle surrounding a number)

*Wax coated paper cartons including milk cartons/orange juice, etc.

*Saran wrap and cellophane

*No VCR tapes, cassette tapes, or CD case, etc.

*No TV's, computer monitors, or computers

*Cardboard that has wax applied

*Oil filters and wooden pallets

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