Historic Preservation Commission

The Town of Aberdeen Historic Preservation Commission meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Aberdeen Town Hall.  The Town of Aberdeen was established in the late 1700s by Scottish settlers and while we are still growing today, parts of Aberdeen are still historic. 

The Historic Preservation Commission was put in place to help property owners conserve our historic neighborhoods, structures and features by providing guidance and resources when you are planning changes to your property in the Historic District.  The Commission will help with questions of appropriateness in appearance, landscaping and economic feasibility.  The first step is completing and submitting the Application for Certificate of Appropriateness for review. 

Applications are reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission once per month.  The Commission will consider the application and review it for its adherence to the design guidelines of the district, and ensure that proposed changes are in keeping with the ambiance of the historic district.  The primary  concern is that the historic character of the property be retained and preserved.

Once approved, a Certificate of Appropriateness Permit will be issued and will remain in place for the implementation for up to one year from date of approval.  Depending on the project, a building or zoning permit may be required as well.

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