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Welcome to Aberdeen, North Carolina!

Life in Aberdeen is enhanced by the preservation of yesterday and the enjoyment of today.  We are a community of livability . . . a community which combines agriculture, industry, history, civic activities, recreation and countless other events for a fruitful lifestyle.  To read more about the history of Aberdeen, click here.

Services provided by the Town of Aberdeen
Garbage Pickup: The Town collects household garbage once a week depending on your location. Our Sanitation Department will pick up your household waste at the curb side.  Yard waste is not collected on a regular schedule, but our Streets Department works the different areas as needed. Bulk items and appliances are collected on a call in basis only. (910) 944-7012.  To view the garbage schedule, click here.

Recycling Pickup: The Town collects recyclable materials once a week depending on your location.  Our Sanitation Department will pick up your recyclable materials at the curb side. To view the recycling schedule, click here.

Water and Sewer Policies Water rates are set on a sliding scale, according to volume used. Sewer rates are set on a sliding scale, according to each thousand gallons of water used.

Residential and Business customers are billed bi-monthly.  Bills are mailed on the first working day of every other  month and are considered past due on the 20th of the month at 5:00 p.m.  After the 20th of the month, a 5% penalty or $5.00, which ever is greater, will be added to the bill.  If payment is not received in the office by the 5th of the following month, service will be discontinued on the next working day.  If the 5th falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, the customer will be given until 5:00 p.m. on the next working day to pay their bill before water is cut off.  Once the account becomes delinquent and appears on the "cut-off list", the customer will be charged $25.00 to reconnect.  The bill, plus the reconnect fee, must be paid before service is restored. 

Bank draft of water payment is available. To download the bank draft application, click here.  Accounts are drafted on the 10th of the month or the following business day.

A $150 deposit and $20 processing fee ($170) is required for residents renting in Aberdeen in order to receive water service.  A $20 processing fee is required for residents that are buying in Aberdeen in order to receive water service.

Free WiFi Signal In cooperation with The Pilot Broadband, the Town of Aberdeen is pleased to announce that a free WiFi internet signal is now available throughout the downtown area.  Extending from South Street to Maple Street from US #1 to South Pine Street, the secure internet network is provided for free by The Pilot.

Anyone with a WiFi-enabled cell phone, PDA or laptop should be able to access The Pilot Broadband network.  Contact The Pilot Broadband at 910-693-2493 with any questions regarding this free service or to request residential or commercial service.

Important Telephone Numbers
Public Safety:
  • For Emergency Calls - 9-1-1
  • Town of Aberdeen Police Dept - 944-9721
  • Town of Aberdeen Fire Dept - 944-7888
  • Moore County Sheriff Dept - 947-2931
  • Moore County EMS - 9-1-1
Government Numbers:
  • Aberdeen Municipal Building - 944-1115
  • Aberdeen Public Works Dept - 944-7012
  • Aberdeen Planning & Inspection Dept - 944-7024
  • Moore County Administrative Office - 947-6363
  • Moore County Chamber of Commerce - 692-3926
  • Parks & Recreation Administration - 944-PARK
School Information:

      Town of Aberdeen NC | 115 N. Poplar Street, Post Office Box 785 Aberdeen, NC 28315
      Phone: 910-944-1115
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